Our Work

Changing the narrative

Still Bisexual raises awareness and educates the public about the lived experience of those who are attracted to more than one gender (the “bi+ community”) to improve bi+ health outcomes.

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Our Stories


Our nationally acclaimed #StillBisexual video campaign features moving stories about coming out, overcoming personal challenges, and accepting your identity. See More Stories and learn how to share yours here.

Building Community

Still Bisexual’s events and workshops create unique spaces for bi+ folks to be in community with people like themselves—to socialize, experience wellness, and explore their identities.

20 – Apr
Bi+ Affirming Mentorship and Storytelling Lab

Still Bisexual is hosting a Bi+ Affirming Mentorship & Storytelling Lab for residents of Los Angeles County in partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. Over two weekends, (April 20-21 and May 18-19), an inter-generational group of bi+ community members will meet, explore their identities, find community and build connection. We will examine and develop
strategies to address experiences of biphobia and help participants build their bi+ confidence. During the second weekend of the program, participants will transform their personal narratives into recorded stories. Please note, only residents of LA County can be a part of this program. We are seeking mentees under the age of 25 and mentors over the age of 40. You must be bi+ to participate. All participants will be paid. To participate, you must register by April 15. https://tinyurl.com/bimentors