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Changing the narrative

Still Bisexual raises awareness and educates the public about the lived experience of those who are attracted to more than one gender (the “bi+ community”) to improve bi+ health outcomes.

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Our Stories


Our nationally acclaimed #StillBisexual video campaign features moving stories about coming out, overcoming personal challenges, and accepting your identity. See More Stories and learn how to share yours here.

Building Community

Still Bisexual’s events and workshops create unique spaces for bi+ folks to be in community with people like themselves—to socialize, experience wellness, and explore their identities.

12 – Mar
16 Ways to Increase Bi+ Representation on Screen

Bi+ people have been historically underrepresented in film and TV, both in front of and behind the camera. Studies have shown a quantitative increase in bi+ representation in film and TV over the last decade. While valid, this research only tells part of the story. Of the larger LGBTQ+ community, bi+ people are still among the least represented groups on screen. When bi+ characters are depicted on screen, they are largely stereotypical and reductive.

Rewrite the BiLine in partnership with Still Bisexual is excited to host this 2-hour virtual event featuring our guest presenter, Aaron Hammersely (any/all). Aaron is a producer & filmmaker currently at Walt Disney Studios. Aaron has worked on feature films and TV shows for Warner Brothers, NBC-Universal, Paramount, Netflix and HBO. Aaron is known for their work on classic movies such as X-Men and recent releases such as Rebel Moon and Fabelmans, among others.

Who is the event for? If you are a film or TV creator hoping to develop more authentic and nuanced bi+ characters and storylines, this event is for you! If you are an LGBTQ+ advocate, this event is for you!

What will you learn? You will learn more about the context in which film and TV creators are working to expand bi+ representation, and we will provide you with some tools to assess the quality of bi+ representation in a film or TV script. This event also features a Q/A with Aaron and Rewrite the BiLine’s founder, Christina Fialho.