Bye bye binary: How Gen Z’s bi boom could change EVERYTHING for future generations

Half of Gen Z adults identify as bisexual, a study says. What could that mean for social and cultural norms?
Bisexual Awareness Week (a.k.a. BiWeek) is upon us! BiWeek, which has been around for about 10 years, runs from September 16 to September 23 and ends with Celebrate Bisexuality Day, a holiday that’s 25 years old as of this year. 
“We bisexuals are in a tricky position. When we signal our queerness, people tend to assume we’re gay, and when don’t, people assume we’re straight.”
Tracy goes one-on-one with Still Bisexual President & Executive Director Nicole Kristal to discuss Bi+ Health Awareness Month and the alarming statistics bi people face.
There is a deadly mental health epidemic in the United States. And it is disproportionately targeting LGBTQ+ people. As a bi queer woman, I say enough is enough. It’s time for us to ensure our own quality care by building a network of queer-affirming therapists, starting here in Los Angeles.
As part of the PFLAG National’s podcast, we discuss the NY Times article “Harry Styles Walks a Fine Line,” with Raina Deerwater, Entertainment Research and Analysis Manager at GLAAD Media Institute; Mackenzie Harte, Learning and Inclusion Coordinator here at PFLAG National; and Nicole Kristal, President and Executive Director at Still Bisexual.