Our Still Bisexual curriculum

Drawing from our archive of more than 110 storytelling videos in which bi+ people outline their journey to self-acceptance, Still Bisexual has created a one-of-a-kind dynamic LGBTQIA2-S competency training course that explores not just bi+ identities but all other areas of sexual orientation and gender identity with a strong focus on lived experience.

Want to understand the journey of a trans masculine gay teen? We’ve got a video for that. Or what it feels like for a nonbinary individual who has just come out and accepted their identity? We’ve got a video for that. Or just a simple explanation of the difference between sexual orientation and gender for folks who are new to these terms? We’ve got a video for that.

Our trainings can be custom tailored to the needs of each audience, but our lessons cover understanding gender (trans/non-binary/intersex/Two-Spirit identities), sexual orientation (the most current definitions of gay, lesbian, bi, pan, asexual, and queer), coming out (and how the experience differs depending on identity), bi+ identities (bisexual, pansexual, fluid, queer, etc.), bi+ history, the importance of bi visibility, the stigma of biphobia, and all kinds of insightful stats about the bi+ community.

We strongly believe that LGBTQIA2-S competency trainings should be engaging and fun, so we try to include lots of cultural touchstones (YouTube/Tik-Tok videos), memes, and breakout rooms where folks can discuss their own identities and what they’ve learned.