Still Bisexual is a national leader in educating the public on the bi+ identity. We provide workshops and trainings that target bi+ community members hoping to explore who they are and allies hoping to improve their bi+ competency and build bi-inclusive spaces.

We have given presentations about the unique elements of the bi+ identity to everyone from high school students to County of Los Angeles employees to multi-national corporations. Still Bisexual provides an intersectional, lived experience perspective, covering not just key terms and “Bi 101,” but what it actually means to walk through the world juggling multiple identities alongside a bi+ identity.

Our trainings include LGBTQIA2-S language and definitions, mental health statistics about the bi+ community, bi visibility and safety, how to combat bi erasure and foster bi acceptance—and all the things we have to celebrate as a community whose leaders began fighting for representation alongside gay rights leaders forty years ago.

Learn more about what we cover in our bi-inclusive LGBTQIA2-S competency curriculum.

Mental health and wellness workshops

Still Bisexual offers a number of virtual workshops to bring bi+ and LGBTQIA2-S community members together from across the country. In our “Gettin’ Bi” virtual chat series, we offer support and discussion around how to navigate elements of the bi+ identity from self-acceptance to coming out to relationships to mental health. Through our Sacred Space wellness workshops, we offer the Black LGBTQ+ community free sessions with experienced LGBTQ+ wellness practitioners followed by reflective spoken word performances.

To see what upcoming workshops we have scheduled, visit our Events page.