How to be a Bi-Ally


  • Don’t assume people’s sexuality based on their appearance or partner’s gender.
  • Don’t ask bi+ people which gender they prefer. It doesn’t matter. Some of us prefer a gender. Some of us don’t.
  • Don’t assume bi+ people are not monogamous. Some of us are. Some of us aren’t—just like people of every sexual orientation.
  • Don’t tell bi+ people they are “really gay” or “really straight” or “in-denial.” We know who we are and what our sexual orientation is just like you do.
  • Don’t assume bi+ people are confused or don’t know who they are—or that our sexuality is a passing phase. We’ve given our sexual orientation much thought before coming out to you. Take our word for it.
  • Avoid objectifying or fetishizing bisexual people. We have value as people beyond your sexual interest in us.
  • Understand that bisexuality is not implied consent for sexual interaction.
  • Acknowledge the presence of bisexuals in queer and straight spaces. We are there, but only 19% of us are out of the closet because we often can’t gain acceptance in these spaces as our authentic selves.
  • Stand up to people who say bisexuality isn’t valid—even if you’re not bi.
  • Challenge stereotypes about bisexuals—even if you’re not bi.