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With a social media reach of 50,000 followers, Still Bisexuals uses its platform to raise awareness about the realities of being bi+. Our social media campaign #StillBisexual, launched in January 2015, gained nationwide press for telling the stories of bi+ people and the challenges they faced on their road to self-acceptance. With an archive now of more than 110 videos of people of all races, ages, and gender identities sharing their stories, the ongoing storytelling project is the only one of its kind nationwide. You can view stories from #StillBisexual or participate in this campaign by visiting #StillBisexual stories.

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Why Won’t You Let Me Say I’m Bi?

Created to raise awareness about the closeted nature of bisexual characters in television and film, the “Why Won’t You Let Me Say I’m Bi?” campaign poked fun at all the missed chances for characters to embrace their sexuality rather than burying it in mystery. This campaign was celebrated in Cosmopolitan and Bustle.


The #BiJoy campaign, launched in honor of Celebrate Bisexuality Day, asked participants the simple question: what gives you job about being bi+? The responses were overwhelming and created one of the largest displays of bi pride Twitter and Instagram had ever seen.


Created to highlight bisexuals leading the charge in their workplaces, the #BiBoss campaign featured bi leaders in different work capacities describing why they’re proud of their accomplishments. The campaign raised visibility and underlined the power of being out in the workplace.


This social media campaign featured stories of bi+ survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence to highlight their resilience and strategies for healing.