Building Understanding Through Lived Experience

Still Bisexual’s campaigns raise visibility and awareness about the unique experience of being bi+.

Our ongoing #StillBisexual video campaign features people of all ages, races, and gender identities talking about what it was like for them to come out as bi+, how friends and family reacted, and how they ultimately came to accept themselves. We now have more than 110 stories from people who are attracted to more than one gender from around the world, and you can view them on #StillBisexual stories, where you can also learn how to make one of your own.

Looking for some Bi Pride? We have hundreds of #StillBisexual community selfies of people holding our downloadable #StillBisexual, #StillPansexual and #StillBisexual ally signs. Want to create your own? Visit our #StillBisexual community selfie page.

You can also view memes from our social media campaigns addressing the shortage of bi characters who call themselves “bi” on screen, our #BiJoy campaign where folks describe what they love about their identities, and our #BiBoss campaign, where we celebrate bi folks sharing their professional accomplishments.