#StillBisexual – Nicole Kristal

I am excited to announce the launch of #StillBisexual. #StillBisexual is a video campaign that aims at dispelling one of the main misconceptions about bisexuals — that they don’t stay that way.

Whether single or in a relationship, regardless of our partners genders, our orientation persists. The bisexual orientation is static for most of us. We are still bisexual — no matter how many times folks may ask!

This campaign aims to deliver this message via homemade confessional-style videos presented silently via handwritten title cards accompanied by a music track.

Please join us and make your #StillBisexual video. It’s simple—grab some paper and Sharpies and write some short sentences describing your dating and relationship history. Start with the year you came out as gay, when you came out as bi, or about your first straight boyfriend or girlfriend. Tell us how others reacted to your sexuality and how you reached the conclusion that your bisexuality was here to stay. End your video with a title card with the hashtag #StillBisexual. Share your video with @StillBisexual and on the Facebook page “Still Bisexual.” It’s that simple.

Note: Please hit your musician buddies up for songs to overdub over your videos. If you use any record label licensed artists, YouTube might flag your video for copyright infringement and take it down.