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Your Story Matters

Everyone’s experience of coming to realize they were attracted to more than one gender is unique and valuable. Your story matters. Telling your story will make people like you feel less alone.

People who have told their #StillBisexual stories not only have helped other people, they have helped themselves. By sharing their stories, they find a level of self-acceptance they didn’t expect. They debunk their shame. They find community.

Creating Your #StillBisexual story

We would love for you to share your #StillBisexual story. Here’s how you do it: First, watch some #StillBisexual videos on this site to get an understanding of the format. #StillBisexual videos don’t involve talking to the camera. They involve writing your story down on cards and flipping them, slowing unveiling your experiences.

Download our Still Bisexual video worksheet either in English or in Spanish. Answer the questions. They will help you start reflecting on your bisexual journey. Consider starting your story with when your love life began. Who did you date? Did you think you were straight? Did you think you were gay? Did you think you were bi? Did you come out as any of those orientations? If you did, state the year. Did you come out? How did others react to your sexuality and how did you reach the conclusion that your bisexuality/ pansexuality/queerness was here to stay? End your video with a card that says “#StillBisexual.”

Now that you have your story, break it short statements (the grid on page 3-5 of the worksheet will help you). You should have around five or six words per card. If you write long sentences or paragraphs on each card, it will kill the rhythm so keep it succinct.

Once your story is written on paper, buy some 8.5×11 gray card stock or if you don’t have time for that, grab some 8.5×11 printer paper. Use a thick pen, like an oversized Sharpie, to write out your story on each card in a clearly readable fashion. If you have bad handwriting, write in all CAPS.

Note: If you don’t love the word “bisexual,” no problem. End with whatever label defines you best, i.e., #StillPansexual, #StillPoly, #StillFluid, etc.

Before you film yourself, do a dry run. Practice flipping the cards to a steady pace. Note the run time. Aim for around a two-minute video because people’s attention spans are short.

When you actually record your video, have someone film you off-camera and read what the cards say aloud so you know when to flip to the next card at a pace that will work for readers. Don’t worry about the sound. When you send us the footage and we will overdub copyright-free music that you select.

Creating a #StillBisexual video for Tik-Tok

If you don’t have the patience for making a traditional #StillBisexual video with cards, you have the option of filming yourself doing something else entirely (dancing, sitting in your garden, walking, etc.), and having the phrases from your #StillBisexual story appear on screen in a rhythmic subtitle-like fashion on Tik-Tok. (If you don’t know how to make a Tik-Tok video, there are a million videos you can Google to learn.) Once you create your footage, here’s a video on how to add those subtitles (the instructions start at 2:35) within Tik-Tok. Once you are done, mention @stillbisexual in the caption of your video to tag us and we will download your video and repost it on our channel. You can follow us on Tik-Tok at @stillbisexual.